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29g BGK tank

Started by carson in Freshwater. Last reply by carson Aug 24. 1 Reply

29g planted BGK…Continue

Tags: Eheim, substraight, Co2, fern, jager

algae 101

Started by Sin the conqueror in Freshwater. Last reply by Lisa Aquaria Jul 11. 3 Replies

for plant lovers algae is the herpies that we've been trying to get rid of since day one. first you get the nasty brown algae which slowly leads to other things such as black beard, hair, diatom, and…Continue

Need to sell the Reef

Started by Hoebie Iredale in Saltwater. Last reply by javi Mar 2. 1 Reply

My parents are getting divorced so I have to sell my tank. I have a 40 breeder and stand with:65g coralife skimmer2 jebao wp-25sHydor 320Fluval C filter Hydor 100 watt heater 2 165 watt full spectrum…Continue


Started by Bryan in Freshwater. Last reply by Matt Weber (Duckmasta) Feb 23. 1 Reply

What's the best way to breed CRS?

Blog Posts

Need to Sell My Tank

Posted by Hoebie Iredale on March 1, 2014 at 8:41pm 0 Comments

My parents are getting divorced so I have to sell my tank. I have a 40 breeder and stand with:

65g coralife skimmer

2 jebao wp-25s

Hydor 320

Fluval C filter

Hydor 100 watt heater

2 165 watt full spectrum LEDs

Giesemann wall brackets

40lbs live rock

60lbs live sand

Flame angle

Mated black and standard ocellaris

True percula

Yellow clown goby

Purple pseudochromis

Reef cleaners clean up crew

3 acans…


Lost fish in shipping ...

Posted by Brittany Kozlowski on July 18, 2013 at 4:10pm 0 Comments

So, I sent my fish and it turns out that a goldfish and a betta (who were in breather bags) got stolen. That really irks me and my package was stuck in shipping for a week. A whole *7* days. I had priority with expected delivery to actually arrive the next day. So, now I'm down to 3 goldfish, 3 female bettas, 3 platies, an angel, a bristlenose pleco, a three line cory, a molly, an oto, and some RCS.

On a random note, somehow all of my male bettas (except one who is in a bowl) is sick… Continue

Managing 20gl For Move

Posted by Brittany Kozlowski on July 3, 2013 at 11:12pm 0 Comments

So, I'll be moving in 3-7 months, depends on if my parents piss me off enough to make me move out when I'm 18. lol Anyways, I'm sending most of my fish to my boyfriend this coming Monday and I'll be left with a 20gL consisting of 4 fancy goldfish, 3 female bettas, a molly, and a cory. That's it. I'm sending him my angelfish, german blue ram, 8 platies, 5 kuhlis, 3 black phantom tetras, 2 plecos, danio, and white cloud. So, I'm really cutting down that tank. lol I'll try to grow more plants in… Continue

My Youtube Channel

Posted by jhonmark on March 18, 2013 at 7:19am 0 Comments

Hi Guys,This is my youtube channel Pls click the link Subscribe,Comment and Like.If you guys Subscribe i will subscribe back.




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